Beach Package D


This package includes:

8 Beach Chairs
3 Umbrellas

Your Savings $30.00

Choose how many tall and/or how many low beach chairs you would like included in your package (not to exceed a total of 8 chairs).

Our Low beach chair sit 6” from the ground, have 4 different position settings and lay completely flat for tanning. These chairs have a lightweight aluminum frame for easy transport and are made of a tightly woven nylon material.

Tall beach chair is 10” from the ground. The lightweight aluminum frame is perfect for easy transportation. This chair can be adjusted to 3 different reclining positions but it will NOT lie flat. This chair is made with a tightly woven, multi-colored nylon material for quick dry time.

3 Beach Umbrellas 8′ in diameter. Heavy duty canvas with metal framing and a solid wood pole. Umbrella pole can be broken down into 2 pieces for easy transportation.



A $225.00 Value for only $170.00
Your Savings: $30.00

8 Beach Chairs and
3 Umbrellas


Mix & Match Tall & Short Beach Chairs